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Strategic Partnership with EQuita FinTech

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that TravelX has formed a strategic partnership with EQuita FinTech, a subsidiary of EQuita Group Limited, to bring a revolutionary travel-centric proposition to Ireland and Europe. This collaboration combines the premium travel benefits of TravelX' AI-based travel recommendations with the European market expertise of EQuita Group, with the goal of disrupting the Benefit & Loyalty space and providing undeniable value to consumers.

This partnership gives TravelX the unique opportunity to enter the ever-evolving Travel & Loyalty industry in Ireland and Europe with cutting-edge, fully digitized travel solutions that help Banks, Credit Card Networks, Corporates, Concierge companies, Airlines, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to offer new benefits to their loyalty or membership program user base.

TravelXs' offering, 'TravelX VIP, is a premium traveller membership program that helps travellers discover and enjoy exclusive benefits and save money every time they travel. The Smart Traveller platform addresses every potential need of a traveller, from booking a flight or a hotel, airport transfers, meet and greet services, discounted lounge access, discounted duty-free offers, baggage insurance, and several other services, for an affordable annual fee.

With the TravelX app, members can additionally enjoy other services such as baggage tracking, real-time flight alerts, airport companion, disruption management, etc., designed to make the end-to-end travel experience as seamless as possible. Additionally, the AI platform recommends products & services, with a great degree of personalization, helping members save time and delighting them every time.

EQuita Group is a global business consultancy and corporate training company of choice for many companies nationally and internationally. Founded by CEO Margaret Considine in 2001, the EQuita Group continues to be one of Ireland's leading consultancy practices in its fields of specialist expertise. Their in-house expertise and network of regional associates allow the company to provide solid advice and direction to indigenous Irish companies and institutions as well as enterprise clients working in the global marketplace.

"TravelX VIP is a global product that is intent on disrupting the benefit & loyalty industry in Europe, Middle East &South East Asia. With a track record of EQuita's success stories and a network of esteemed client base, we are confident to generate significant value in the loyalty industry with this Partnership in Ireland and Europe", said Sushil Choudhari, Founder, and CEO of TravelX.

He further added "We are also delighted to welcome Margaret Considine to the Board at TravelX. Margaret is a leading expert in Negotiation and Executive Education and an international keynote speaker. Margaret has had many articles published in national and international journals, is the author of six books, and is regularly asked to contribute across all media platforms, including television, radio, and online. Her inclusion will play an important role not only with our expansion plans, but also benefit from her guidance as we seek to build a world-class organization."

"I am equally delighted to be a part of TravelX’s Board and help them along their incredible journey ahead, apart from also being their Strategic Partner for the European markets. With the recent travel boom, we see this as a big opportunity to bring such an innovative platform to Ireland and to other European markets. Furthermore, the potent combination of savings and convenience the app provides to users, makes it a very exciting proposition. I am keen to see customers and businesses in Ireland gain access to this platform and bring more efficiency and ‘smartness’ to their travel going forward," said Margaret Considine, CEO of EQuita group.

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