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Unlocking the Secrets of Duty Free Savings with TravelX VIP: A Comprehensive Guide

TravelX VIP is a most rewarding Travel & Lifestyle membership for avid travellers. With over 30+ premium lifestyle, travel, and airport services across 1500 airports in 160 countries, providing access to exclusive services such as duty-free pre-ordering, airport meet & greet, members-only beach clubs, golf access, and nightclub access. Users can access these services, by downloading the TravelX VIP app from the App Store and signing up for membership programs with different inclusions and benefits.

TravelX VIP offers a range of exclusive features that cater to the needs of travelers.

One of the key services provided by TravelX VIP is duty-free pre-ordering. This feature allows travelers to browse, compare prices, check availability, and reserve duty-free products up to 90 days before travel. With coverage of 60 airports worldwide, TravelX VIP offers a single interface for reserving duty-free products, ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

Duty Free Offers & Discounts

TravelX VIP provides exclusive discounts of up to 5-20% on duty-free products for its members, offering significant savings on retail in-store prices. These discounts are tailored to enhance the shopping experience for members, allowing them to enjoy premium products at discounted rates. By availing of these exclusive offers, TravelX VIP members can maximize their savings and indulge in luxury items while traveling.

Compare Prices

TravelX VIP offers duty-free price comparisons across 60 airports, enabling travelers to find the best prices for their desired products across multiple airports.

 TravelX VIP empowers travelers to make informed decisions by comparing prices of products for instance, if the traveler is traveling to London from Mumbai via Dubai (layover), and intends to purchase Johnnie Walker Double Black, with TravelX VIP he can check prices across airports; Mumbai, Dubai, and London Heathrow. By leveraging these price comparisons, travelers can maximize savings through strategic shopping approaches, including product discovery and offer discovery.


TravelX VIP ensures travelers have information on product availability at each store, allowing travelers to plan their purchases effectively. By knowing which products are available at a particular store, travelers can make informed decisions and avoid disappointment. This feature enhances the shopping experience, enabling travelers to pre-select desired items and streamline their duty-free shopping process with ease.


Experience unparalleled convenience with TravelX VIP's duty-free pre-booking service, allowing you to bypass airport queues and shop effortlessly from the comfort of your home. By pre-booking duty-free items, travelers can save time and enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Optimize your shopping experience with hassle-free pre-booking, ensuring a stress-free journey and delightful shopping experience.


TravelX VIP offers unparalleled flexibility with the option to pay for duty-free purchases at the airport upon pick-up, providing convenience and peace of mind. Additionally, the easy cancellation policy ensures travelers can make changes to their orders effortlessly. 


TravelX VIP elevates the shopping experience with personalized offerings driven by AI-based recommendations tailored to individual preferences and past purchases. By analyzing consumer behavior patterns, TravelX VIP ensures a unique and tailored shopping experience for each member. This personalized approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also creates a seamless and engaging shopping journey, making every purchase a delightfully personalized experience.

Duty Free Compliance 

Enhance your duty free shopping experience with TravelX VIP by navigating duty-free limits and regulations seamlessly. By understanding duty-free laws and planning purchases, travelers can avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth shopping journey. TravelX VIP prioritizes member satisfaction by providing comprehensive guidance on duty-free compliance, guaranteeing an enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience.


TravelX VIP's duty-free pre-ordering service offers a convenient, flexible, and personalized shopping experience for travelers; wherein travelers can shop up to 90 days in advance from the comfort of their home. By pre-ordering duty-free products, travelers can save time and money, while also enjoying the added benefits of personalized recommendations and price comparison features. 

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